Terms of Service

Our terms are simple, we tend to hold on to our rights for the form and the ways of notifying you. You will have to agree to receive legal notices through electronic means if you want to. Our terms are always revised on our website and when updates are made to the terms, we ensure to post them on our website. When we post the new terms and you don’t agree with them, your membership termination can be processed immediately.

Pertaining to what we have as terms, we are allowed to give you a limited and non-transferable, and revocable license so that our services can be available to you. If you have decided to use our services for commercial or business purposes then you would have to agree to the business terms too. While you open the account, as long as you agree to approve all permissions and licenses provided through the terms given.

The service we offer and every content posted on our website are done without any warranty, this doesn’t matter if it is done via express or implied. Our website has its rules whereby every warranty and condition of any kind whether fitness and non-infringement ensures that they are all disclaimed. We will take no responsibility for the contents posted by any other person through our services.

If by chance any damage is caused by us to any client, the consumer in the EEA doesn’t work here. What we do is to ensure that for the foreseeable future, there will be no more damages caused to any of our clients. Although we are not liable for any problems that arise through none material breaching or any applicable duty. The limitations would not be applied if any statutory liability cannot be limited.

Our website might have several links that would lead you to different third-party website pages, there will also be advertising links, services, offers, or any other event that we do not have any control over. In Dark web link, we do not have any responsibilities over any of the issues that come up from any of these links. The products or services made by them do not have anything to do with us. The only things we have control over are the services we provide.

Governing Law
The laws that guide our services are made by the Government of where we reside. Every rule made by the Government concerning what we do at Dark web links is what we follow. If you are not one of the EEA consumers, then the exclusive jurisdiction area is where we get to.